How well will it clean my car?

By utilizing water chemistry, time, and finesse it does a good job without causing any finish damage. AutoGreenWash has a tank-less electric water heater, insuring that the wash and rinse water is warm.  There are 48 different sprayers operated in 12 different zones. Only a few sprayers operate at one time.  Sprayers repeatedly cycle on and off with periods of soak time in between.  Special car and environment safe cleaning and rinsing agents are added to the water. Unlike a commercial car wash AutoGreenWash does not have to clean a car rapidly therefore it can employee lengthily soaking times to dissolve and lift of dirt, instead of having to quickly blast or rub it off.  Our motto is: "Time cleans all."   

AutoGreenWash passes rinse water through a  powerful two stage resin filter to removes  the chemicals that cause spotting.  A surfactant and shine agent are  mixed with the filtered rinse water.  During cleaning and drying the air is filtered. After drying the curtain remains down to keep the car dust free.

Does it do a perfect job and eliminate the need for detailing?

No.  If a car is new or has a smooth shinny water beading surface underneath normal road dirt, AutoGreenWash will make it look clean and shinny.

If your vehicle has heavily encrusted dirt attached to a surface that is not smooth and slick, it may not remove all that dirt. This is most common on the wheels and lowest part of the body panels. AutoGreenWash generally softens this encrusted dirt and makes its removal much easier with less chance of damaging the underlying finish. After this dirt is removed and the surface is given a smooth slick surface, it will generally be kept very clean by subsequent AutoGreenWash washes.  When you purchase an AutoGreenWash, we do this detailing for you.

As part of an AutoGreenWash purchase we include a complete Poly-Seal detailing of your vehicle. If you have encrusted dirt on the car or wheels it will be removed. Our expert auto detailer (who specialized in working on the most valuable vehicles) will insure that your vehicle has a show room smooth slick finish. Because this is a very durable non water soluble finish it will last at least a year.  After this detailing, washing with AutoGreenWash frequently will keep your car looking very good, without the finish damage, work, and time required by other cleaning methods.

A car that has recently been washed with AutoGreenWash will usually look better than a cleaned car that has been used for several days without a wash.  If desired occasional touch up cleaning and or quick easy polishing with a special AutoGreenWash detailing spray (provided with your unit) will maintain a show room finish. I have a top rated Bosh dishwasher, but when we have dinner guests we spot polish some of the wine glasses after they come out of the dishwasher.

 How long does it take?

You may select a Short, Medium or Long Wash.   A Short Wash requires about 30 minutes, for washing and rinsing.  A Medium Wash over an hour, a Long Wash over 3 hours.  Drying typically requires between 30 and 100 minutes depending on temperature, humidity, and the vehicle's size and shape.   Most users find overnight washing most convenient.  Note: most of the wash and rinse times are soaking intervals between the intermittent operation of 5 or fewer sprayers at one time.

 Is frequently cleaning my car good for it?

Yes! Most car care experts agree that frequently cleaning you car helps protect and preserve it. This is because the residue of acidic rain, road salt, bird droppings, and insects can corrode your car and its finish. Because AutoGreenWash does not require contact or high pressure spraying with recycled water the net benefit is even greater.

How much space does AutoGreenWash TM require?

Virtually no extra space. The space needed to park your car and open the doors without obstruction is as much as AutoGreenWash requires.

Will the floor outside the enclosure and the air in my garage stay dry?

Yes, all the water is trapped by the curtain and the shallow water proof surround applied to you floor; where it  flows into the installed drain.  During operation, damp air is drawn from inside the water proof enclosure and is exhausted outside your garage.

What if I want my car washed, but may need to use it later?

This is a common situation. AutoGreenWash allows you to select a wash delay of 2, 4 or 8 hours.  If you push the Delayed Start button instead of the Start Now button the curtain will lower, this insures that no one opens a car door or window while a wash is scheduled.  If the curtain is not opened, the wash cycle will begin after the scheduled delay. 

             If I choose a Delayed Wash what happens if someone needs the car?

If anyone needs to use the vehicle before the wash has begun they simply push the Cancel button, the scheduled wash is canceled and the curtain is raised.  To reschedule a wash simply press the Delayed Start button.

             What if the wash cycle has begun and I need to use my vehicle?

Push the Cancel button.  The wash will stop, and the curtain will retract.  Your vehicle will be wet,  as if it was rained on.  Briefly operate you windshield wipers and go.  We recommend that upon returning you start a fresh wash cycle.

  Is the water captured by AutoGreenWash TM safe for lawn irrigation?

Yes. The chemicals injected into the wash and rinse water are carefully engineered to be safe and beneficial to plant growth. When AutoGreenWash is installed in your home, standard garden hose connections are made to direct the water where you want it.

 Is the used water captured by AutoGreenWash TM safe to grow plants for eating?

No. Because your car can pick up contaminants when driven, captured wash water should NOT be used for plants that may be eaten.

What if ice and snow melt onto the AutoGreenWash floor, when the wash is not operating?

The installed drainage system operates automatically and autonomously.  It is like an automatic sump system and if its catch tank begins to fill,  it will turn on and pump the liquid to the drainage location.


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