Comparative Finish Damage                                                                                                                               

Study by: Technical University of Munich in association with Mercedes-Benz confirmed by The University of Texas at Arlington (01/02/07)   
"... a single home hand wash on an automobile can produce scratches that penetrate as deep as 1/10 the total thickness of the automobile's paint.

...hand car washing can produce so many marks on a car's finish that they cannot even be counted (and) surface reflectance readings steadily declined..."

Click picture below to view FIFTH GEAR's short video evaluating damage caused by common car cleaning systems.

Below is scratch damaged caused by just one conventional wash!


          The damage caused by other car washing methods is significant!

AutoGreenWash TM is the only convenient way to frequently wash your car that does NOT scratch and damage its finish

AutoGreenWash TM does not touch your car except with fresh-clean-low-pressure water mixed with cleaning and rinsing agents that are safe for your car and the environment. It uses time, heat, and cleaning agents to soften and wash dirt and grit away without grinding it into your car's  finish.