Why You Need It                                                                                                                                           

AutoGreenWash is the ultimate auto luxury.  It washes and rinses your car in your home garage with the push of a button.  No work, no wait, no waist, no driving, no wasted time, and no scheduling. 

When you open your garage door AutoGreenWash illuminates on the floor LED lights that outline your parking area.  Ten overhead LED spotlights illuminate your car.

To raise the curtain you touch the control panel, the lights gradually fade to full brightness, and the curtain retracts. Auto enthusiasts say: "it presents your vehicle like it is being unveiled at a car show".

The AutoGreenWash floor surround includes Swisstrack TM   floor tiles. (The same flooring used for the Barrett Jackson's auction stage and by Jay Leno in his Big Dog Garage.

AutoGreenWash increases the value of your home.

*  places home garage car washes at the top of the list for most requested home luxury features.

*a top luxury home concierge