How it Works                                                                                                                                     


When your garage door opens, AutoGreenWash illuminates your parking space.  If there is room to open the car's doors there is room for AutoGreenWash.  Eight sprayers are located above your car.  40 sprayers are lowered with the curtain, around, and below your vehicle.


  • The curtain lowers mating with the floor surround forming a waterproof enclosure.

  • An installed drain captures used water and pumps it to a hose for lawn irrigation; your garage floor and air (outside the enclosure) remain dry. 

  • Damp air is drawn from inside the enclosure and exhausted outside the garage.

  • Incoming air is filtered through an electrostatic micro particle filter.

  • Wash water is heated and mixed with cleaning agents                                                                                    

  • Rinse water is filtered, mixed with rinsing agents to allow spotless drying.

  • AutoGreenWash uses exclusive patented technology

    AutoGreenWash installs in your home garage without structural alterations.