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 An installed drain captures all used water...and pumps it to a hose for landscape irrigation


"...car washing has been noted by water quality experts as a serious contributor to water pollution. " MARC (Mid-America Regional Counsel)                 

                            Posted by Gwinnett  County Storm Water Management

The Environmental Magazine  (P.O. Box 5098, Westport, CT 06881, as published with permission by: About.comEnvironmental Issues, reported by Lary West, 1/6/2010) says:

"Unlike household waste water that enters sewers or septic systems and undergoes treatment before it is discharged into the environment, what runs off your car goes right into storm drains -- ...and eventually into rivers, streams, creeks and wetlands where it poisons aquatic life and wreaks other ecosystem havoc."

  •  "Few people realize that washing our cars in our driveways is one of the most environmentally un-friendly chores we can do around the house." Earth Talk, MARC (Mid-America Regional Counsel)
  • Chemicals used by AutoGreenWash TM do NOT spill into storm drains.
  • AutoGreenWash TM uses less water - as little as 25 gallons.

  • "Washing a car at home typically uses between 80 and 140 gallons" (Reported by: About.com: Environmental Issues, by Larry West)
  • "..home washes average 150 gallons" (Car Washing published by Save the Sound, Inc. 2002 )

      • AutoGreenWash TM can eliminate over 1,000 vehicle miles per year, in addition to the gas wasted waiting in line, If a commercial car wash is located five miles from a user's home, and two cars are washed once a week 

  • AutoGreenWash TM reduces vehicle emissions and gasoline consumption.